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  • Amazing Trampoline Video

    Amazing Trampoline Video

    [youtube id=”o32EAohST3E” width=”600″ height=”350″] I had a trampoline growing up and we used to jump off of the tool shed that sat next to it, but we were never quite as good as these guys are. Check this out.

  • Slacklining

    Apparently “Slacklining” is the new hot thing with the kids these days… looks kind of boring to me, but to each his own I guess. Slacklining is basically the art of taking a special designed (or not) slack line, that you would normally find on a truck or trailer holding things down, and stretch it…

  • America’s Best Dance Crew Season 4 Week 5

    A few slight surprises this week, but we are winding down to the end so obviously not everyone can win. This week’s challenge was to incorporate a new hip-hop dance craze and a trampoline into the performances. Now this whole concept was a little misleading before the first group got on stage. Mario Lopez made…