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  • “The Dark Knight Rises” Review

    “The Dark Knight Rises” Review

    Is The Dark Knight Rises good… absolutely; Is The Dark Knight Rises the best movie of the year so far… 100%; Does The Dark Knight Rises fulfill Christopher Nolan’s statement of being a suitable conclusion to the trilogy… you bet your ass; Is The Dark Knight Rises better than The Dark Knight… I’m not sure……

  • “The Dark Knight Rises” Featurette

    “The Dark Knight Rises” Featurette

    [youtube id=”9UuUxqfAOUM” width=”600″ height=”350″] If you’re looking to get a little more incite into “The Dark Knight Rises” before it comes out next Friday then take a few minutes to check out this 13 minute featurette. It’s mostly the same footage that has been seen in trailers and TV spots, but you also get some…

  • “The Dark Knight Rises” Trailer #3

    “The Dark Knight Rises” Trailer #3

    [youtube id=”g8evyE9TuYk” width=”600″ height=”350″] Here is the 3rd trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises” which will be released on July 20th. I believe this is the same trailer that was announced to be before “The Avengers” this weekend, but I guess you never know. Call me a Joseph Gordon-Levitt fanboy, but this movie and “Looper”…

  • Fan Made Opening Credits for “The Dark Knight Rises”

    Fan Made Opening Credits for “The Dark Knight Rises”

    The Dark Knight Rises – Opening Credits Project from Do?an Can Gündo?du on Vimeo. This is amazing. An artist by the name of Do an Can Gundo du took it upon himself to make this ridiculously cool opening credit sequence for “The Dark Knight Rises”. Now I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that Christopher…

  • “The Dark Knight Rises” Official Trailer

    The prologue to “The Dark Knight Rises” was featured before “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” in IMAX this past weekend, but now we get a new official trailer as well. For the moment it’s just a bootleg copy, but it looks good and I’ll update this post when the official version gets released, but for now…

  • “The Dark Knight Rises” Teaser Poster

    Check out the first teaser poster for “The Dark Knight Rises” which features Bane walking away from a broken Batman head/face piece.