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  • Robot Chicken DC Comics 2 Special: Villains in Paradise Review

    Robot Chicken DC Comics 2 Special: Villains in Paradise Review

    The creators behind Robot Chicken are back with a second special from the DC Universe. Unlike the first one which focused more on the side of the heroes, this second special focuses more on the… you guessed it, the no good evil do’ers. The bad guys need some love too people! This special focuses on…

  • “Man of Steel” Full Trailer

    “Man of Steel” Full Trailer

    [youtube id=”KVu3gS7iJu4″ width=”600″ height=”350″] Here it is, the trailer you’ve been waiting for… or at least some people have, Man of Steel. The new superman flick is directed by Zack Snyder of “Sucker Punch Fame” (as well as 300 & Watchmen), and produced by Christopher Nolan. I’ve enjoyed Snyder’s previous flicks, and obviously I’m a…

  • “Man of Steel” Trailer

    “Man of Steel” Trailer

    [youtube id=”ll39CAovGrg” width=”600″ height=”350″] In case you didn’t get a chance to see “The Dark Knight Rises” this week here’s the trailer for “Man of Steel” that premiered before it.

  • The Death and Return of Superman [Video]

    The Death and Return of Superman [Video]

    [youtube id=”0PlwDbSYicM” width=”600″ height=”350″] I remember when the death of Superman was the biggest thing happening in comics ever. I remember heading down to the comic book store and buying up a bunch of copies of the book in it’s “Black Bag Version” as well as the normal version so I could read it. I…

  • My Re-Introduction To Comics and Graphic Novels

    As a kid I was really into comic books, but not your typical Batman and Superman ones. I was more drawn towards stuff from Image comics like Spawn and Maxx and stuff like that. Eventually over the years I moved away from comic books as they seemed to be the “un-cool” things to read in…

  • Doomsday Coming to Smallville

    I haven’t watched Smallville in probably 4 years now, but apparently Doomsday is going to make an appearance on the next episode. For those of you that don’t know who Doomsday is, he’s the monster that killed Superman in the comic books during the mid 90’s(?). Of course Superman came back, but never the less,…