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  • LeBron James Gets Dunked on Video

    Wow, talk about a lot of hype surrounding a pointless video. If you didn’t hear about this crap, Lebron James was playing in some scrimmage game or something and some dude dunked on him (I don’t know details cause frankly I didn’t give a shit when I read the article). Apparently James got pissed that…

  • Playstation Home Impressions

    Seriously? What is this crap? Playstation Home came out of closed beta last week and is now in “Open beta”, which basically means it’s available, but if it’s buggy as hell you can’t blame Sony because it’s still in beta… right. The following are my experiences with Playstation Home last Thursday. I actually got home…

  • Man Attempts Backflip in A Truck For The 2nd Time

    This guy apparently tried to backflip a truck off a ramp sometime in the past and ended up breaking his back, but that hasn’t stopped him from coming back to try it again. Check out this video of his first attempt.