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  • Bait 3D Blu-Ray Review

    Bait 3D Blu-Ray Review

    Sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, EVERYBODY!!! Sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks… No? That’s not how that song goes? Well it should be, and it definitely should be the theme song of “Bait 3D”. What? You haven’t heard of “Bait 3D”? The movie where a tsunami hits Australia and traps a bunch of people inside of…

  • Step Up 3D Review

    Friday night me and the girlfriend laid low and took in a flick. This time we decided to go check out Step Up 3D. I know what you’re thinking, how is a manly man like myself going to be caught dead at a movie like Step Up 3D, but then you realize that I went…

  • Step Up 3D Trailer

    Say what you will about them, but the Step Up movies are actually fairly entertaining and since a lot of traffic has been coming from posts related to America’s Best Dance Crew, I figured I’d throw this up. Here’s the trailer for Step Up 3D