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  • LOST: Season 6 Premiere – L.A.X. (2/2/10)

    LOST is finally making it’s return to television tonight for it’s 6th and final season. If you need a refresher on what has happened so far “LOST: The Final Chapter” will run before the 2 hour season premiere tonight and should be a nice recap for those of you that may have forgotten what all…

  • LOST : Because You Left/The Lie (1/21/09)

    LOST returns tonight so I figured I would start posting about the show and the current episodes. I’ll post the plot synopsis for the night, every week, and then the following day I’ll post easter eggs and hidden clues/meanings that I find. Hopefully people will join in the discussion. LOST: Because You Left/The Lie (1/21/09)…

  • LOST Season 5 Trailer

    Here’s the trailer for the latest season of J.J. Abrams’ LOST, which starts up again in 2009.