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  • Ben and Burman Ruin Christmas

    Ben and Burman Ruin Christmas

    Ben and Burman Ruin Christmas by BenAndBurman Ben and Burman are back and this time they are ruining Christmas for everyone by taking Santa out drinking on Christmas Eve. Next week is the 1st season finale of “Ben and Burman” so if you haven’t seen em all, go back and do so now, you’re going…

  • “A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas” Trailer

    Here’s the trailer for “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas” in 3D and honestly it looks a little disappointing. I get that they are trying to make fun of 3D and at the same time utilize it, but it looks like they are going way too far over the top with it. And I know…

  • South Park: 201 (4/21/10)

    This week’s South Park is a continuation of last week’s 200th episode. We were left hanging at the end of last week without word as to whether or not they were going to finish the story, but thankfully they are. 201 The identity of Cartman’s dad is on everyone’s mind despite threats from the ginger…

  • Santa’s GMail Account Hacked!!!

    Someone hacked Santa’s GMail account and took a screenshot check it out. I like the response to Santa’s question on Yahoo answers about elves getting pregnant. Good stuff. Click to enlarge. And I know it couldn’t have been “hacked” since there’s an open GTalk window, it just sounded like a better title. source: Gizmodo