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  • South Park – A Nightmare on Face Time (10-24-12)

    South Park – A Nightmare on Face Time (10-24-12)

    Time for a Halloween episode of South Park! This time the kids decide to dress up as their favorite Avengers characters, but not Stan. Randy is forcing Stan to stay in and help him with his new business venture… wonder what it could be? Maybe a Couric scale? A Nightmare on Face Time The boys…

  • South Park – Raising The Bar (10/3/12)

    South Park – Raising The Bar (10/3/12)

    [youtube id=”_gqV2lohp1g” width=”600″ height=”350″] Last weeks episode of South Park got me excited to see what the last half of this season brings us, so hopefully tonight will be just as good. It also looks like Matt and Trey decided it was time that America got a look at just how fat and unhealthy they…

  • South Park – Sarcastaball (9/26/12)

    South Park – Sarcastaball (9/26/12)

    [youtube id=”rNzlCN0l13s” width=”600″ height=”350″] The new season of South Park starts tonight on Comedy Central and what better way to ring in the new season than by having a football themed episode. As usual we’ll be posting weekly synopsis of the new South Park episodes the morning they air, followed by a recap of the…

  • South Park: Jewpacabra (4/4/12)

    South Park: Jewpacabra (4/4/12)

    JewpacabraGet More: SOUTHPARKEric Cartman,Leopold “Butters” Stotch,more… Cartman is at it again, this time hunting down the elusive Jewpacabra as it haunts the woods near South Park. Jewpacabra The town’s Easter-egg hunt may be canceled due to rumors of a vicious beast that Cartman claims to have caught on film.

  • South Park Season 16 Premiere – “Reverse Cowgirl” (3/14/12)

    South Park Season 16 Premiere – “Reverse Cowgirl” (3/14/12)

    [youtube id=”LIZ7p61slzA” width=”600″ height=”350″] Season 16 of South Park starts tonight and let’s hope it’s better than last season. Not that I didn’t enjoy last season, but it just seemed lacking compared to previous seasons. I know I say this every year around this time, but I really do hope we get some quality episodes…

  • South Park: The Last of The Meehecans (10/12/11)

    Looks like Cartman gets a taste of authority tonight when he and his friends play Texans vs. Mexicans. And if you missed the “6 Days to Air” special that Comedy Central ran on Sunday I suggest you find when it’s playing next, it was actually really interesting. The Last of The Meheecans Cartman fancies himself…