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  • “30 Minutes or Less” Review

    I hate to be the one to tell you guys this, but I was kind of disappointed in Ruben Fleischer’s “30 Minutes or Less” especially after coming off of the highly entertaining “Zombieland”. Although I don’t know that all the blame can be put on Fleischer’s shoulders considering this is screenwriter Michael Diliberti’s first movie. A…

  • Your Highness [Redband] Trailer

    Check out the Redband trailer for Your Highness, starring James Franco, Danny McBride aka Kenny ‘fuckin’ Powers and Natalie Portman [in a thong].

  • Top 10 Stoner Movies

    Top 10 Stoner Movies

    What makes a movie a “stoner” movie? Is it a movie that you can get more enjoyment out of when you’re under the influence of marijuana? Or is it a movie that revolves around the main theme of weed? This is an age old question that stoners have been arguing about for years… while high,…

  • Top 30 Comedy Movies From 2000-2009

    Top 30 Comedy Movies From 2000-2009

    I’ve done it with horror movies so I figured it was as good a time as any to rattle off my top 30 favorite comedy movies from the last 10 years. Before you continue on to the list just remember that this list is based on my opinion so if you don’t agree, good for…