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  • It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods (12/2/10)

    Can cameos by Ryan Howard and Chase Utley save this season of It’s Always Sunny? I guess we’ll wait and see. I’m sure I’m not the only one that is a little disappointed with the season of the show… It hasn’t all been bad, there have been some quality episodes, but it just seems like…

  • Its Always Sunny: The World Series Defense (10/22/09)

    Here is the plot line for tonight’s episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, it looks like green man may be making an appearance. I’ll be back tomorrow with a rundown of the episode. The World Series Defense The gang go to court to talk their way out of a parking ticket they got on…

  • Phillies Fans Are Classy People

    Watch as a guy decides to walk out onto the light pole over some streets after the Phillies won the world series and proceeds to get hit in the face by a liquor bottle. That’s gonna leave a mark.