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  • Dexter Season 7

    Dexter Season 7

    [youtube id=”rzzwNUBc2Z0″ width=”600″ height=”350″] He saw. She saw. Like one of Dexter’s own victims, it’s all on the table now. All of the carefully balanced lies are poised to unravel, leaving a trail of red splotches that leads all the way back to the Bay Harbor Butcher, the Ice Truck Killer and the birth of…

  • Mark Enemies in Battlefield 3

    I posted this on Twitter, but I felt it warranted it’s own post. If you’re playing Battlefield 3 this weekend and you’re playing online, help out your team by marking the enemies when you see them. It’s extremely simple and will allow your teammates to see the enemies on the mini map so they know…

  • MW3: Exclusive Game Trailers TV Videos

    GameTrailersTV recently got a chance to visit Infinity Ward and check out a little more of Modern Warfare 3 than we’ve seen in the past. The 3 videos in the post touch on the single player, multiplayer and then spec-ops, so check them out and let us know what you think. Multiplayer Spec-Ops

  • Some Modern Warfare 3 Videos For You Guys

    The CALLOFDUTY CALLOFDUTYI (not the official channel) YouTube channel has put up a few new videos over the past month that I completely missed so check them out below. There’s a run through of some of the menus as well as a good amount of Spec Ops Survival mode and just some general multiplayer. Spec…

  • Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Map Names

    It’s not much, but a video recently leaked from the Call of Duty XP event that’s happening in a few days and it shows off a couple interesting things. First it shows that multiplayer may allow up to 32 people in a match a time, although there’s no word on if that would be limited…

  • Battlefield 3 Gameplay Teaser Trailer

    When I say that this trailer is a gameplay teaser trailer I mean it. There are brief glimpses at the gameplay, but don’t expect a lot here. I was kind of impressed with how good the game looked, but I’m still not sure it I’ll be picking this one up.