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  • The League: The Tailgate (11-15-12) Recap

    The League: The Tailgate (11-15-12) Recap

    This weeks episode of “The League” was actually written by two of the show’s stars, Nick Kroll and Paul Scheer, who play Ruxin and Andre. Both are pretty successful comedians with careers that extend beyond the reaches of “The League”, but neither have garnered Adam Sandler type fame. It’s actually a little odd to see…

  • acSlater.com Podcast – Episode 2 (12.07.11)

    acSlater.com Podcast – Episode 2 (12.07.11)

    This week we talk about American Horror Story, The League and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as well as a few choice movies from today and the 80’s. We also discuss the latest update to the Xbox 360 as well as a few recent additions to the Xbox Live Arcade. Rounding out the entertainment talk…

  • Nick Kroll on Conan

    Nick Kroll on Conan