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  • Mr Chi-City Sits on the Floor for Chicago Bulls Playoffs

    New Chi-City Mayne video, Mr. Chi-City heads down to the United Center to watch the Bulls play the Celtics in the most exciting NBA playoff series of all time. Bulls will come out on top in the end, I have a feeling Rondo is gonna get punched in the head tonight… just a feeling. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCMLGdsNi6c

  • Mr. Chi-City Answers Your Questions

    Last time Mr. Chi-City made a video he dicked around in the park playing baseball for 10 minutes and pretty much did nothing, however he did ask people to send in their questions and he would try to answer them in his next video. Apparently he didn’t realize he was so popular and received almost…

  • Mr. Chi-City Ticket Destruction

    Here it is, the video you’ve been waiting for. Mr. Chi-City took suggestions after “winning” the court case against his ticket last time (the cop never showed up) on how to destroy said ticket. Apparently he went through all the comments and chose some of the better ones and he definitely does not disappoint, check…