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  • “The Avengers” Trailer

    “The Avengers” Trailer

    [youtube id=”kId00ETsKpE” width=”600″ height=”350″] Forget “Piranha 3DD”, this is the trailer that everyone has been waiting for. Check out the full trailer for Marvel’s “The Avengers”. Now, this is a movie that I’m excited to see in the theaters.

  • Brink Launch Trailer

    I honestly don’t know anything about this game and hadn’t even heard of it until the other day when I saw a poster, but this launch trailer looks pretty cool. Brink comes out tomorrow and it kind of looks like Team Fortress 2 in a way. I may have to check this one out…

  • Police Break Up “Riot”/Party at Western Illinois University (WIU)

    Apparently there was a huge end-of-the-year party at Western Illinois (WIU) last weekend which may have gotten a little out of hand and required police officers in full riot gear to step in and shut it down… but aside from just shutting it down and arresting people that they felt were threatening, they pepper sprayed…