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  • “Left 4 Dead” Impulse 76 – Fan Film (Full 9 Minutes)

    “Left 4 Dead” Impulse 76 – Fan Film (Full 9 Minutes)

    Here is the full version of the “Left 4 Dead” Fan Film that I posted the teaser of last week. It starts out the same, but quickly takes a ridiculous turn that I didn’t like. Everything about the first few minutes was amazing, the tone is perfect, the characters are perfect, it was shaping up…

  • Left 4 Dead Fan Film Teaser

    Left 4 Dead Fan Film Teaser

    I saw this last week, but figured it would fit with all the video game teasers posted this morning. This is extremely impressive and I can’t wait to see the video in it’s entirety. Airsoft GI contacted their friends at Northern Five Entertainment to produce a fan film for the amazing game LEFT 4 DEAD…

  • Charlie Bit My Finger – The Horror

    This guy was asked to remake the viral video “Charlie Bit My Finger”, but instead of doing a straight up remake to promote this short film festival he did something completely amazing with it.

  • Left 4 Dead Xbox360 Patch

    Valve released a patch for the Xbox360 version of Left 4 Dead last night and it looks like it fixes a good amount of problems. I hope they fixed some of the instant kill spots on some of the maps, especially the finale on No Mercy. I also hope they fixed the ability to move…

  • Left 4 Dead Impressions (Xbox 360)

    I will admit that when I first played the demo for this game I was not impressed. It seemed like the characters on screen floated across the ground instead of running, they were just really fast and it just seemed pointless. The whole point of the game was to run from point A to point…

  • Left 4 Dead Glitches Video

    Here’s a video full of glitches in the new Left 4 Dead game. It doesn’t tell you how to actually do them, but some of them are pretty interesting, like becoming ridiculously huge!