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  • Mark Enemies in Battlefield 3

    I posted this on Twitter, but I felt it warranted it’s own post. If you’re playing Battlefield 3 this weekend and you’re playing online, help out your team by marking the enemies when you see them. It’s extremely simple and will allow your teammates to see the enemies on the mini map so they know…

  • Impressive Tomahawk Kill

    It’s not really that impressive compared to some of the other ridiculous videos have tomahawk kills that are out there, but this one was actually my kill…. and yes, it was mostly lucky. I actually thought I got the guy capping “A”, but when I went back and watched it I obviously did not.

  • Left 4 Dead 2: Effectiveness of Weapons on The Tank

    I found this image floating around (not sure of the original source) of the effectiveness of different weapons on the Tank in Left 4 Dead 2. So if you’ve been having trouble killing the tank and need some tips on what to grab in order to down him faster, check out the chart below.

  • LOST: The Incident Season 5 Finale

    Update: Wow do I feel stupid… Season 5 Finale, not 6, thanks for the correction.  I know I haven’t been writing about LOST too much recently, but I felt it was a good time to bring the topic back to the fore front with Season 5 wrapping up last night. This post is going to be…

  • Friday The 13th Remake Theatrical Trailer

    The theatrical trailer for the remake of Friday The 13th was posted over at yahoo yesterday, go check it out. Yahoo Movies