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  • Hell’s Kitchen – Season 7 – Week 2

    The guys came out strong again and beat the girls in the initial “egg” challenge although I was happy to see that Jamie cooked her eggs perfectly which impressed Chef Ramsay (way to go Jamie). The girls, overall, didn’t do as well with Siobahn not following instructions and getting a couple points deducted from her…

  • Friday the 13th (remake)

    I’ve been looking forward to this movie ever since I heard they were making it. As much as a fan of the originals as I am, I always thought it could be much better with a face lift. I spent the entire week trying to re-watch all of the original movies, but I only made…

  • Friday The 13th Remake Theatrical Trailer

    The theatrical trailer for the remake of Friday The 13th was posted over at yahoo yesterday, go check it out. Yahoo Movies

  • Friday The 13th Official Trailer

    Friday The 13th in HD I posted a clip from the Friday The 13th remake that was shown at the Spike TV Scream Awards earlier in the week, but now we have an official trailer.

  • Friday The 13th Remake Clip

    This is not the official trailer, it’s a clip that was shown at last nights Scream 2008 horror awards on Spike TV (which I missed and I’m not happy about it). It’s directed by the same guy that directed the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (with Jessica Biel running around in low jeans and…