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  • Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United Blu-Ray Review

    Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United Blu-Ray Review

    HULK SMASH! Have you ever wondered how it would be like to team up a couple of The Avengers and have them fight side by side? Well you are in luck. Marvels’ Ironman & Hulk: Heroes United delivers with the two Avengers teaming up for the first time ever on this action packed blu-ray/dvd combo…

  • “The Avengers” Blu-Ray Trailer

    “The Avengers” Blu-Ray Trailer

      September 25th, 2012, mark the date in your calendar because that’s when “The Avengers” will be hitting store shelves on Blu-Ray. Sadly, I still have not gotten around to seeing the movie… hell, I haven’t seen Thor yet, but we had a wedding to plan around the same time so I’m going to use…

  • “The Avengers” Trailer

    “The Avengers” Trailer

    [youtube id=”kId00ETsKpE” width=”600″ height=”350″] Forget “Piranha 3DD”, this is the trailer that everyone has been waiting for. Check out the full trailer for Marvel’s “The Avengers”. Now, this is a movie that I’m excited to see in the theaters.

  • avengersnews.com relaunch

    avengersnews.com relaunch

    A few years ago a buddy (Kevin) and I started avengersnews.com to follow the Marvel Avengers movie as well as the solo movies related to it (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, etc). After a while the site kind of took a back seat to other projects, but that’s not the case any longer. Thanks to…

  • “The Avengers” Official Trailer

    Here’s the first full trailer for “The Avengers”, check it out.

  • Thor Trailer

    Here is the trailer for the upcoming THOR movie. If you’re looking for more information regarding the movie and the other Marvel movies related to The Avengers, check out Avengers News.