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  • “Chillerama” Blu-Ray Review

    “Chillerama” Blu-Ray Review

    I’ve never been a huge fan of the “B Horror Movie”, but mainly because I’ve never actually sat down and watched one. So when “Chillerama” showed up on my doorstep I was a little worried that it was going to be extremely boring and I would not enjoy watching it, let alone reviewing it. Boy…

  • Impressive Tomahawk Kill

    It’s not really that impressive compared to some of the other ridiculous videos have tomahawk kills that are out there, but this one was actually my kill…. and yes, it was mostly lucky. I actually thought I got the guy capping “A”, but when I went back and watched it I obviously did not.

  • My Top 30 “Horror” Movies From 2000-2009

    Since we’re rapidly closing in on 2010 I thought I’d take this opportunity to run down my Top 30 list of what I felt were the best “horror” movies from 2000-2009 (plus a few honorable mentions). I say “horror” in quotes because some of these are not just straight up horror as most people would…