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  • Halo 4: Making of Development Diary [Video]

    Halo 4: Making of Development Diary [Video]

    [youtube id=”JTTtq0SoRp8″ width=”600″ height=”350″] Halo 4 is coming to the Xbox 360 this year and I think this is the first in-depth look at the game we’ve seen so far. I’ll be honest, it looks like they’ve made a massive amount of updates to the look of the game, graphic-wise, but is that going to…

  • “Goldeneye Reloaded” Reveal Trailer

    If you’re like me you remember sitting around with all of your buddies playing Goldeneye on the N64. This was the first game to make multiplayer first person shooters a staple in almost every home that had this console. If you didn’t have Goldeneye there was absolutely no reason for you to own a Nintendo…

  • Battlefield 3 Gameplay Teaser Trailer

    When I say that this trailer is a gameplay teaser trailer I mean it. There are brief glimpses at the gameplay, but don’t expect a lot here. I was kind of impressed with how good the game looked, but I’m still not sure it I’ll be picking this one up.