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  • Eminem, Rihanna and Dr. Dre Grammy Performance

    Last night on the Grammys Eminem and Rihanna performed “Love The Way You Lie (Part II)” and then Eminem and Dr. Dre ft. Skylar Grey performed “I Need a Doctor”, check out the video above.

  • 52nd Annual Music Industry Stroke Fest, aka The Grammys

    The night when the hottest names in music get together in a big room and stroke each others’ ego for 3 hours. I will say that I am glad that in the past few years or so The Grammys have moved away from the actual awards and been more of a concert showcase. Seeing musicians…

  • 2009 Grammy Awards

    I wanted to make a post about the Grammy Awards when it was over, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to sit through this crap much longer so I’m writing it now. I really only wanted to see MIA, TI, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and Kanye West perform Swagga Like Us, just because I…