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  • Hardcore Gamer vs. Casual Gamer

    Hardcore Gamer vs. Casual Gamer

    Hardcore Gamers vs. Casual Gamers, which bucket do you fall into?… Actually, a better question to ask is what is your definition of a Hardcore Gamer compared to a Casual Gamer? Would you consider someone who games on the Wii a casual gamer because they have to interact with the system in order to control it?…

  • Friends Don’t Let Friends Play Inverted

    “Inverted” is another great video from Freddie Wong and crew, check it out.

  • Glyde.com – My Experience

    I play a lot of video games, so normally after I finish a game that does not have a multiplayer aspect to it that I enjoy, I’ll sell those games on eBay after I complete them. Most recently I bought God of War III for the PS3 on it’s release day and had completed it…