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  • Respawn Entertainment Teases New Game

    Respawn Entertainment Teases New Game

      It’s about time we heard from these guys. If you’re unaware who “these guys” is that I’m referring to it’s Jason West and Vince Zampella, who were basically the creators of Call of Duty. They are the ousted heads of Infinity Ward that went on to form their own studio and work with EA on…

  • Future Motion Control Gaming

    What do you get if you take a little bit of Playstation Move, augmented reality and micro projectors? You get Freddie Wong’s vision of the FPS of the future… and it’s bad ass. They actually worked with Insomniac (developer of Resistance) to get the real models from the game to implement them into the video.…

  • Borderlands 2 Teaser Trailer

    If you haven’t played the 1st Borderlands I highly suggest you go pick it up and play through it.

  • Metro Gameplay Video #1

    I’m surprised I haven’t heard about “Metro” that much, I guess I’m just out of the loop. Yes, it’s another first person shooter, but it looks pretty slick.

  • Brink Launch Trailer

    I honestly don’t know anything about this game and hadn’t even heard of it until the other day when I saw a poster, but this launch trailer looks pretty cool. Brink comes out tomorrow and it kind of looks like Team Fortress 2 in a way. I may have to check this one out…

  • Battlefield 3: My Life – Trailer

    Here’s the latest trailer for Battlefield 3.