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  • 4th Generation iPhone Leaked

    Someone recently found what they thought was an iPhone 3Gs in a bar, but it turns out that it was an iPhone Prototype concealed in an iPhone 3GS case… and that prototype made it’s way to Gizmodo who put it through all sorts of tests to find out if it was actually legit…. AND IT…

  • An open letter to Apple and Adobe

    Dear Apple and Adobe, Why does Flash for OSX suck so much? I mean it works fine for Windows, isn’t a memory hog, and won’t crash my browser. Every other aspect of my beloved OSX is superior whats so special about Flash that it cant get along? You guys are both huge mega successful companies,…

  • Terminator Salvation Flash Poster

    Check out this pretty cool flash animated poster for the upcoming Terminator Salvation movie. I hope more movies start doing online posters like this, it’s pretty cool. Terminator Salvation Flash Poster