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  • Best or Worst Tattoo Ever, You Be The Judge

    Check out this video of a dude getting glasses tattooed onto his face. While they actually look decent on the dude’s face there is no way that he is not going to regret this decision. I guess he could always just wear his sunglasses forever if he gets sick of it…

  • Eminem Gets A Facefull of Bruno

    If you missed the MTV Movie Awards tonight then you missed Eminem getting Bruno’s balls in his face. I really hope this was all staged and Eminem was in on it, but from the looks of his face and how pissed he gets, I have to imagine it was all Sacha Baron Cohen’s idea… I…

  • Phillies Fans Are Classy People

    Watch as a guy decides to walk out onto the light pole over some streets after the Phillies won the world series and proceeds to get hit in the face by a liquor bottle. That’s gonna leave a mark.