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  • Ben and Burman: Fight Zombies/Split Up

    Ben and Burman Fight Zombies by BenAndBurman “Ben and Burman” has officially launched over at daily motion so please take a second and check it out. I’ve known Burman since we were like 12 years so when he came to me and asked me to help with his web series I couldn’t say no. I…

  • Mortal Kombat: Legacy (Episode 1)

    Here you go! The first episode in the Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series. And while you’re at it check out a new trailer which showcases the rest of the characters, after the jump.

  • Battlefield 3 Fault Line Episode 1: Bad Part of Town

    I’ve always been a Call of Duty guy when it comes to multiplayer and online play. I like the faster, more frantic pace of the games as opposed to what I’ve felt during the last few Battlefield games. I will say that I was a fan of Battlefield 2 when it came out in the…