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  • District B13 Remade into Brick Mansions w/ Paul Walker [Trailer]

    District B13 Remade into Brick Mansions w/ Paul Walker [Trailer]

    I knew Paul Walker had a couple movies in the can before he passed away, but I had no idea they were making, what appears to be, a straight remake of “District B13” called “Brick Mansions”. They even got the same actor to play the same character as he did in “District B13” (David Belle).…

  • DVD & Blu-Ray Releases for April 27, 2010

    Here are the DVD and Blu-Ray releases for Tuesday April 27th, 2010. Notable releases (to me) are The Descent Part II [my review] and District B13: Ultimatum. If you haven’t seen the District B13 movies I highly suggest checking them out. They aren’t Oscar worthy or anything, but if you want a cool action flick…

  • Underrated and Under Appreciated Movies

    Over the years I have watched quite a few movies, some good, some bad, and some down right terrible. I own over 1000 DVD’s, some of which were a waste of money but thankfully I discovered Netflix and have saved myself quite a bit of cash lately. So I figured I’d do a small rundown…

  • District B13 Video

    Just thought I’d post this cool clip from the movie District B13. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check it out.