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  • Dexter – Buck The System (10/14/12)

    Dexter – Buck The System (10/14/12)

    Buck The System Dexter tries to bring Debra on board with his new target. While the Ukrainian mob seeks revenge for the killing of one of their own, Quinn grows close to a dancer at their strip club. LaGuerta, convinced the Bay Harbor Butcher is still out there, attempts to enlist Batista to help her…

  • Left 4 Dead Impressions (Xbox 360)

    I will admit that when I first played the demo for this game I was not impressed. It seemed like the characters on screen floated across the ground instead of running, they were just really fast and it just seemed pointless. The whole point of the game was to run from point A to point…

  • BASE Jump From The Worlds Tallest Building

    Have you ever wanted to jump off one of the worlds tallest buildings, the Burg in Dubai? Yeah, me neither, but these guys had that dream and actually accomplished it. Check out this video of the setup and execution of the record setting BASE jump.

  • Doomsday Coming to Smallville

    I haven’t watched Smallville in probably 4 years now, but apparently Doomsday is going to make an appearance on the next episode. For those of you that don’t know who Doomsday is, he’s the monster that killed Superman in the comic books during the mid 90’s(?). Of course Superman came back, but never the less,…