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  • Dexter Season 7

    Dexter Season 7

    [youtube id=”rzzwNUBc2Z0″ width=”600″ height=”350″] He saw. She saw. Like one of Dexter’s own victims, it’s all on the table now. All of the carefully balanced lies are poised to unravel, leaving a trail of red splotches that leads all the way back to the Bay Harbor Butcher, the Ice Truck Killer and the birth of…

  • Dexter Season 7 Trailer

    Dexter Season 7 Trailer

    So here it is! Season 7 Trailer of the hit show on SHOWTIME Dexter! I for one am super stoked about this! The trailer looks amazing. Dexter is in a serious pickle. Deb is finding stuff out, blood, killer…AHHH plus some Deftones Change (In The House of Flies)! Well here yall go. Go ahead and…

  • Dexter Season 7 Teaser Trailer

    Dexter Season 7 Teaser Trailer

    Ok I know we love to post our trailers here. And this by no means really gives you any insight except that Dexter seems to be back to his old self maybe? Anyway this is just a 15 second clip to get you excited about the upcoming season which airs September 30th 2012 on ShowTime.…

  • acSlater.com Podcast – Episode 4 (12.23.11)

    acSlater.com Podcast – Episode 4 (12.23.11)

    Happy Holidays from all of us here at acslater.com and what better way to celebrate the holidays than with another installment of our podcast! This week we briefly run through the American Horror Story and Dexter finale as well as all of the trailers that have been released throughout the past week, including The Dark…

  • acSlater.com Podcast – Episode 3 (12.14.11)

    acSlater.com Podcast – Episode 3 (12.14.11)
  • acSlater.com Podcast – Episode 1 (11.29.11)

    The inaugural podcast for acSlater.com is here! As of right now this is just an experiment we decided to try, we’re not sure how it’s going to work or how it’s going to be received, but we figured we talk about this stuff anyways, why not record it and post it on the internet. That’s the exact…