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  • Star Wars (Dark Horse Comic)

    Star Wars (Dark Horse Comic)

    We all love Star Wars right? The characters, the plots, the wookies and ewoks. But what if you took the same characters and created a whole new story arc? Do you think people would catch on to it and enjoy it? Well Brian Wood has done just that. He took the same old characters but…

  • Star Wars Agents of the Empire: Hard Targets

    Star Wars Agents of the Empire: Hard Targets

    Hello again from Mr. Belding. Do you enjoy James Bond? You know, 007, license to kill, as well as charming the ladies? Do you enjoy Star Wars? You know, Wookies, Death Stars, Darth Vader et al? Well, then you will love this 5-part arc about the Empires’ own ‘James Bond, 007 agent’ Jahan Cross. If…

  • Star Wars #1

    Star Wars #1

    We all like Star Wars. Well most of us do. If you don’t you are just afraid to be bundled in with the so called “nerd” clique. So when I saw that there was a new series from Dark Horse Comics containing not only a new story and world, but also using the characters we…