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  • Giveway: “Step Up” Blu-Ray!

    Giveway: “Step Up” Blu-Ray!

    Channing Tatum is all the rage these days between “21 Jump Street” (which is hysterical) and “Magic Mike” (which I have not seen), so naturally it made sense for “Step Up” to get released on Blu-Ray today (7/3). “Step Up” is one of our guilty pleasures here at acslater.com, in fact, all of the “Step…

  • “Step Up: Revolution” Trailer

    “Step Up: Revolution” Trailer

    [youtube id=”gdamC7jUrjs” width=”600″ height=”350″] Sorry we’ve been gone for a few days, went out of town, but we’re back now and it looks like a couple trailers were released while we were gone. The first one is “Step Up Revolution”. The 4th movie in the Step Up series and honestly looks like the worst. I…

  • One of the Greatest BMX Scenes in Movie History

    If you’ve never seen the movie RAD I suggest you head out to your local flea market or swap meet (or just ebay) and find yourself a VHS copy of this classic flick. I mean seriously, bike dancing at the high school… it doesn’t get much better than this. Bring on Hell Track!!

  • America’s Best Dance Crew Season 4 Week 3

    Wow, talk about a little bit shocking. Another two groups in the bottom and another group sent home, but was it who you thought it was going to be? It’s definitely not who I pegged to be the next one gone. This weeks challenge was martial arts and each group had to incorporate a different…

  • Creepy Cat Dance Animated Gif

    I don’t know what to say about this, it’s just weird and creepy and involves a cat.

  • Interesting New Dance Craze

    Man I hope this doesn’t take off, people could get seriously injured. I mean look at that kid, if he keeps doing that to that girl from behind he could throw his hip out.