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  • 10 Creative Halloween Costumes 2013 – Entertainment Edition

    10 Creative Halloween Costumes 2013 – Entertainment Edition

    We’ve compiled a great list of creative halloween costumes related to the entertainment industry that range from simple to throw together to balls to the wall. Shows off your love for TV and Movies without having to dress as a sexy nurse or a sexy horse or a sexy mortician or a sexy clown or…

  • Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

    Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

    With Halloween just a week away, it’s time to start putting those creative Halloween costumes together. Sure, you can be just another slutty nurse, slutty bert, slutty slut, but don’t you want to actually be creative? Don’t get me wrong, as I guy I love girls on Halloween, but every year it’s the same thing.…

  • I Always Knew There Was Something Crazy About Nic Cage

    I Always Knew There Was Something Crazy About Nic Cage

    Meet The Man Inside The Nicolas Cage Costume Apparently there is a little man that lives inside of him and controls him, he’s just a puppet that some guy created… awesome! (don’t worry, I know what the onion is… sarcasm doesn’t translate very well in text sometimes).

  • Lion Dog Meet Skunk Dog

    Just a few random pictures of dogs that look like wild animals, specifically a lion and a skunk.

  • Best Holiday Commercials Ever

    These are a bit old, but I’m seeing them for the first time. This guy seems to sell stuff on every holiday and makes these commercials to go along with the sales. I’m not sure what TV station would actually play these things, but they are hysterical. Check out the Halloween costume store commercial above…

  • Worst Homer Costume Ever

    Ok, I don’t know if it’s the worst or the best Homer Simpson costume ever, but it’s pretty scary. If I saw this guy walking towards me on the street I’d probably freak out. Hope everyone had a good Halloween.