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  • The Walking Dead: Made to Suffer (12-2-12) Recap

    The Walking Dead: Made to Suffer (12-2-12) Recap

    This episode left me satisfied, yet a bit disappointed at the same time. Fans of the comics might know why I’m a bit disappointed, but if you’ve never read the comics, then this episode should have left you with a pretty good taste in your mouth. I’ll get to my reasoning why I’m a bit…

  • Orchid Vol 2 Review

    Orchid Vol 2 Review

    POSSIBLE SPOILERS Story And we are back with the second volume of the Tom Morello post apocalyptic story of a prostitute turned leader of the people’s, revenge plot to overtake and kill the tyrant Tomo Wolfe. We begin with the band of three continuing on their quest to get to Tomo. Opal, whom is a…

  • Orchid #10 Review

    Orchid #10 Review

    ****POSSIBLE SPOILERS**** Story The story continues in the 10th book with our hero now without a family and on a course of revenge to put an end to the man whom killed her mother and brother. Orchid is now in possession of the mythical mask that was once worn by the famed warrior, and rebel…

  • “Captain America” Trailer #2

  • My Re-Introduction To Comics and Graphic Novels

    As a kid I was really into comic books, but not your typical Batman and Superman ones. I was more drawn towards stuff from Image comics like Spawn and Maxx and stuff like that. Eventually over the years I moved away from comic books as they seemed to be the “un-cool” things to read in…

  • New Watchmen Trailer

    Check out the new trailer for WATCHMEN.