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  • Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie Blu-Ray Review

    Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie Blu-Ray Review

    It’s been quite a few years since I’ve seen a Cheech & Chong movie, so when I heard that they were going to be releasing an animated flick I was pretty excited. I remember the first time I saw “Up In Smoke” in high school, it’s one of those movies that you can’t stop quoting…

  • Top 10 Stoner Movies

    Top 10 Stoner Movies

    What makes a movie a “stoner” movie? Is it a movie that you can get more enjoyment out of when you’re under the influence of marijuana? Or is it a movie that revolves around the main theme of weed? This is an age old question that stoners have been arguing about for years… while high,…