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  • Evil Dead (2013) Official Trailer

    Evil Dead (2013) Official Trailer

    A couple weeks ago we brought you a bootleg version of the trailer for the “Evil Dead” remake, but now we have an official version. It’s bloodier than I could even imagine and looks like a hell of a lot of fun. [youtube id=”ceBXUyuv4Q0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

  • “Cabin In The Woods” Trailer

    “Cabin In The Woods” Trailer

    I had heard a little bit about “Cabin in the Woods”, but I guess I didn’t hear enough. After seeing this trailer I almost feel like it ruined the movie a bit. It’s not that it looks bad, because it doesn’t, but I feel like they reveal a plot twist that didn’t need to be…

  • “Piranha 3DD” Teaser Trailer

    Piranha 3DD TrailerGet More: Piranha 3DD Trailer Check out the teaser trailer for “Piranha 3DD” which was shown at Spike’s Scream Awards last night. I thought “Piranha 3D” was a fun little movie, not sure it warrants a sequel like this, but I’m sure I’ll check it out. I’m a little upset that Alexandre Aja…

  • “Hostel: Part 3” Trailer

    The killing club moves to Las Vegas in the 3rd installment in the “Hostel” franchise and honestly I think it ruins the appeal of it. I thought the whole idea of going to a foreign country and ending up strapped to a chair and tortured was true terror, but having it happen in Las Vegas…

  • Night of the Demons Trailer

  • Halloween Horror Movie Recommendations 2009

    Last year I did a run down of 9 horror movies that I thought people might enjoy watching throughout the month of October leading up to Halloween and this time I thought I’d do it a little different. Instead of listing the same classics over again I’m going to make my recommendations based on horror…