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  • Eminem Gets A Facefull of Bruno

    If you missed the MTV Movie Awards tonight then you missed Eminem getting Bruno’s balls in his face. I really hope this was all staged and Eminem was in on it, but from the looks of his face and how pissed he gets, I have to imagine it was all Sacha Baron Cohen’s idea… I…

  • Presidential Shocker

    And now I give you the Presidential Shocker, 2 in the pink 1 in the stink.

  • Ass and Ball Slapping Porn Angles

    Mac was rather graphic with his description of Dennis’ sex tapes last night on It’s Always Sunny, but his demonstration with his hands was classic. These guys always seem to bring the funny week after week. Green man came back to blast Dee in the face and Charlie got piss ass drunk. Overall another great…