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  • The League: The Out of Towner (12/1/11)

    The League: The Out of Towner (12/1/11)

    We’re finally going to meet one of the out of town guys, and it’s Will Forte, and he’s sober, but that doesn’t stop the guys from trying to get him to drink. It looks like we’re going to get a healthy dose of alcohol and marijuana in this episode, and it should be amazing. Be…

  • The Haunted House Project Trailer

    It’s definitely the decade of “Found Footage” movies, but this one looks pretty damn good. I’m a big fan of the asian horror genre as they seem to still be able to scare the shit out of me without the use of booming music and cheap sound scares. Check out the trailer above and let…

  • Knock Offs, Lost in Translation

    There are tons of these things out there, but recently while reading some forums I came across a couple that literally had me laughing out loud so I thought I’d share. Here’s a knock off of Batman Begins, make sure to read the whole thing. Yes, apparently Batman’s alter-ego is Spider-man, and Spider-man likes to…

  • New Fast & Furious Trailer

    Check out the new trailer for Fast & Furious!

  • Oldboy Remake With Will Smith And Steven Spielberg

    Please God no! Oldboy is one of my favorite movies and with the quality of asian remakes that Hollywood puts out every year, I can only imagine how they will butcher this one. I understand it’s Steven Spielberg and he is a pretty good director, but come on, Will Smith cannot play the part nearly…

  • The Grudge 3 Trailer

    I enjoyed the original asian Grudge movies, Ju-On, and even kind of enjoyed the first Americanized Grudge movie, but I think they are dragging it out a bit too far. I’m sure I’ll end up checking it out once it makes it to DVD, but this will be a skip for me in the theaters.