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  • DVD & Blu-Ray Releases for June 1, 2010

    DVD Releases 20th Century Boys 3: Redemption Alice in Wonderland (2010) American Pickers Aqua Teen Hunger Force 7 Barbara Stanwyck Show 2 Bare Knuckles Beck Box Set S.A.V.E. Brighter Than the Dawning Blue: Complete Collect The Cleaner: The Complete Series The Cleaner: The Final Season Cornered

  • Live Action Aqua Teen Hunger Force Looking For You To Play Carl

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force is looking for a real person to play the role of Carl in an upcoming Live action episode of the show. Yep, you head me right, the cartoon on Adult Swim about a talking Milkshake named Master Shake, a wad of meat appropriately named Meatwad and box of fries named Frylock…