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  • The Office: Prince Family Paper (1/22/09)

    Prince Family Paper Michael and Dwight go undercover to snoop on a paper-company rival. Elsewhere, the staffers engage in a debate of the beauty of actress Hilary Swank. As always I’m sure it will be a good one, I’ll post the full episode tomorrow so you can stream it if you missed it. Come back…

  • The Office: Duel (1/15/09)

    The Office: Duel (1/15/09) Thanks to Michael’s running mouth, Andy finally learns that his beloved Angela had an affair with Dwight, a discovery that incites the two romantic rivals to square off. Elsewhere, Michael is on edge about a corporate appointment with bigwig Wallace. I really think this is what leads the spin-off and Andy…

  • The Office: Moroccan Christmas (12/11/08)

    The Office: Moroccan Christmas (12/11/08) The staffers jingle all the way at a Moraccan-themed holiday bash, but tensions flare when Meredith’s hair catches fire. Dwight’s fired up as well: He becomes consumed with the hottest toy of the holiday season. You should be able to stream this episode here or at Hulu.com starting tomorrow You…

  • The Office: The Surplus (12/4/08)

    The Office: The Surplus (12/4/08) Tensions flare in the Scranton branch when staffers disagree on how to spend a $4300 surplus. Meanwhile, Angela and Andy visit Schrute Farms to work on their wedding plans.

  • The Office: Frame Toby (11/20)

    The Office (11/20) – Frame Toby Dirt is dished over a dirty dish: Tension boils over when a mysterious someone leaves a culinary mess in the office microwave. Meanwhile, Michael has trouble accepting that personnel changes were made without his knowledge.

  • The Office: Business Trip (11/13/08)

    Business Trip Dunder-Mifflin bigwig David Wallace sends Michael on a business excursion to Canada with Andy and Oscar, who form an unlikely bond. Meanwhile, Jim eagerly anticipates Pam’s return from art school revenue and profits.