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  • Top 50 Action Movies From 2000-2009

    Top 50 Action Movies From 2000-2009

    I got a little carried away with this “Top 50 Action Movies” and had a really hard time determining where things should be positioned. I also had a hard time determining what is really considered an action movie. The site I use to find all of the action movies that came out in a specific…

  • Lazy Teenage Superheroes

    This shot film was made for $300… and it’s pretty fucking cool.

  • My Re-Introduction To Comics and Graphic Novels

    As a kid I was really into comic books, but not your typical Batman and Superman ones. I was more drawn towards stuff from Image comics like Spawn and Maxx and stuff like that. Eventually over the years I moved away from comic books as they seemed to be the “un-cool” things to read in…