Why The NBA Is Now A Good Fantasy Sports Option

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Fantasy sports now extend into all kinds of sports. There’s fantasy soccer, fantasy Formula 1 racing, fantasy tennis and golf, and more. Really though, it became the phenomenon it is today primarily through two sports: football and baseball. These are arguably the sports best suited to fantasy for a number of reasons. Stats are clearly defined and indicative of player performance, season formats are easy to manage, and at this point there’s also a fair amount of tradition that comes into play.

Basketball has traditionally been a little bit of an awkward option for fantasy sports enthusiasts. In part this is because the schedule is different. Most fantasy leagues have trouble trying to set a new lineup each and every night, and if you set your lineups on a weekly basis you have to worry that some of your players might have two or three games in a week while others might have four. And on top of these concerns, basketball is a harder sport to define by stats. Plenty of deeply effective real life players fail to rack up stats, such that there can be a discrepancy between real world impact and fantasy prowess. This happens in other sports as well, but seems a little more pronounced in basketball.

Now though, this is changing. There are a few factors making the NBA a better fantasy sports option than it’s ever been before. So if you like basketball and you want to get in early on the new season (which is only just underway), consider the following.

Greater Interest

While it doesn’t specifically address any of the issues some people have with NBA as a fantasy sport, there’s a simple fact that the NBA is getting more and more popular. And basically, this is making it hard and harder for a lot of fans to skip it when the fantasy season rolls around. For the last few years every season has seemed more exciting than the last. The league has more stars (and more marketable stars) than at any point in its history, and it’s being discussed that the NBA could be the league of America’s future (as opposed to the NFL). We could go on and on here, but suffice it to say the league is just too popular not to spawn significant fantasy activity, even if basketball itself is an awkward fit for the game.

Daily Fantasy

Daily fantasy sports sites have become an established part of the sports landscape across the United States, and make it a lot easier to enjoy the NBA in this particular way. As mentioned it can be difficult to set lineups over the course of a week, and daily fantasy completely eliminates that concern. It allows fans to put together new lineups each day, attempting to win individual, daily competitions rather than season-long leagues. It’s actually difficult to sort out the specific numbers within overall fantasy players, but it’s a good bet that any increase in NBA fantasy activity over the last few years has come primarily through DFS.

Statistical Monsters

Fantasy sports in general are more fun when you can take advantage of players who put up incredible stats. Really, that’s sort of the whole point of it all. And in the past several years the NBA has developed an entire population of, shall we say, statistical monsters. Shooting numbers are off the charts from what they were even 10 years ago. Russell Westbrook averaged a triple-double two seasons in a row. Stephen Curry breaks a different three-point shooting record one one sort or another seemingly every few months. Guards can rebound. Big men can get assists. In terms of stuffing the stat sheet, the NBA is a whole new ballgame, and this inarguably makes fantasy more fun.

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