What You Need to Know About Paintball


Paintball hits are painful and can sting at any given opportunity. The good thing is that you’ll have forgotten the hits and be ready to face the game again. New players usually get concerned about getting hit to an extent so they hide behind trees. Avoiding hits could be a tedious way for beginners to start a paintball game. Avoiding bullet hits encourages other players to move swiftly to better positions hence being a disadvantage to you. In paintball, you can put on light gloves and overalls with extra layers to prevent hits. Protecting your face is recommendable in your first paintball game. If you are a beginner, the following should help you kick start your paintball journey.

Reasons to fire your marker:

  1. You can fire your maker when you see your opponent, especially if they are vulnerable to hits.
  2. When your opponent is behind cover, keep them at the same place covered with paint so that a teammate can change positions.
  3. Ensure your marker is working well before you fire. Also, remember to wear your mask whenever in the paintball field.

You don’t have to take much time before firing at opponents from a far distance or those in deep paint cover. In other words, remain quiet until you find a suitable position.

Scanning fields quickly and carefully

If you are a new player, do not attempt to keep your head down. If you do so, the enemy players will surround you before you act. Scanning the field faster and carefully will enable you to recognize enemies and strategic positions. For example, paintball in Melbourne ensures you scrutinize the area in three seconds since your opponent can detect you in just a second and another second to take you down and cover you in the paint. Through teamwork with your teammates, you will be able to beat some challenges.

Different paintball games have different objectives

You have to cover your enemy in the paint if you don’t want to get tagged. However, make an effort to defend specific positions, capture flags, and free hostages. You should have a team captain and your allies if you want to achieve positive results. Beginner players like staying back and only a few of them dare to move faster. Failure to get tagged instantly allows the whole enemy team to fire paint in their opponents’ direction. Therefore avoid choosing dangerous positions that leave you vulnerable to shots. If you are taken down, call your teammates to give you the covering fire.

The bottom line

It’s significant to communicate before starting the game through simple plans like assigning players to numerous positions on a field. For instance, paintball in Melbourne ensure your teams unit is active and communication is at the top. Inform your teammate who is next to you before you move so you can receive a covering fire. Your teammates can keep track of remaining targets on the opposing side if you tell them you are tagged. Moreover, it will be of your advantage if you spot your opponent. More sports to try suggested by groenerekenkamer can improve your relationship with your group of friends.