Westcoast Baseball Trip – Tickets Purchased

Since we’re leaving in less than a week, and the theme of the posts today seems to be baseball, I figured I’d give an update on our trip.

We’re flying out of Chicago early next Tuesday and will make it out to LA around 2:30PM (we have a layover in Houston). We’ll then drop our bags off at a friends place and head over to Anaheim to watch the Angels take on the Dodgers that night. The next day we’re just going to hang out in LA with our buddy and see the sights, I’ve been there before but P hasn’t so I’m sure we’ll be very touristy.

The day after that we also have nothing going on, but are going to make our way up to San Francisco/Oakland and check that out before we go to the Oakland vs. Pirates game on Friday the 25th, and from then on out it’s a pretty packed schedule. We have San Francisco vs Boston on Saturday the 26th. After that game we’re gonna try to make it at least half way back to LA because we have the Dodgers vs. Yankees game on the 27th and then on the 28th it’s down to San Diego to see the Padres play the Rockies and on the 29th it’s back up to LA to fly back home.

I think it’s gonna be a fun trip. We’re going to be pretty busy which is a good thing, I’m not one who really likes to have downtime while on vacation (unless of course that is what the vacation is about, like our Mexico trip). It’s going to be interesting to see if we can make it to all these places in the California traffic, but I’m sure we’ll manage just fine. It’s also nice that we have friends in both LA and San Diego that we’ll get to see. I only hope that I can get the people sitting in the seats next to us to give me their real tickets to the games since all of ours were “Print at Home” tickets due to how fast we planned the trip.