Shaun White Wins Olympic Gold

Shaun White has done it again, last night he took the gold medal in Men’s Snowboard Half Pipe at the Winter Olympics. His teammate, Scotty Lago, also earned a spot on the podium and picked up the bronze. If you’re not a fan of snowboarding and have no clue who Shaun White is, he’s one of the most entertaining, most talented and most recognizable guys in the sport of Snowboard… and Skateboarding! That’s right, he’s also incredible at skateboarding. Most of his recent accomplishments have all centered around snowboarding due to the fact that there is a Winter Olympics this year, but this kid also holds all sorts of records and recognition in the skateboarding world as well. To this day he’s the only skateboarder to ever land a body varial frontside 540, otherwise known as The Armadillo, he was also the first person to ever land a Cab 7 Melon Grab. It’s no fluke that this kid is amazing on a board, whether that’s a skateboard or a snowboard.

I turned on the Olympics a little late last night to find Shaun White sitting atop the leaderboard with 3 riders left to go, one of which was himself, the other 2 were the 4th place guy (name escapes me at the moment) and Scotty Lago, who is also from the US and was hoping to best his bronze medal status. The 4th place guy and Lago both ended up falling slightly in their final runs which left them unable to topple Shaun White. So after his first run he had already secured his spot at the top and set a record for the highest score ever in mens halfpipe with a 46.8 (beating Ross Powers’ previous record of 46.1 in 2002), but that wasn’t enough. While sitting atop the starting platform, having already won gold, White wasn’t sure what to do. He joked around with his coaching staff that he was just going to ride down the middle of the pipe, but they encouraged him to hit a couple walls and do a few airs and then at the very end throw his double McTwist 1260, dubbed The White Snake (and a million other names now). There were a few swears thrown around by the coaching staff on live TV for which the announcers apologized for, but I’m pretty sure nobody is going to complain. So White took his final run, which was just a victory run and he had no reason to even try, but he did and he did not disappoint. He threw everything he had into that last run and even though it meant nothing he was still able to topple his first run score and secure his name at the top of the record books with a 48.4.

So Congratulations to Shaun White and Scotty Lago on your Olympic medals.