NBA All-Star Weekend Referred to as “Black Thanksgiving”

black thanksgiving

Upon visiting the homepage of a few a moments ago I was greeted with an image with the following headline “Black Thanksgiving This Weekend” and it showed a picture of NBA stars Dwight Howard and some other guy (I don’t follow much basketball)… I found the headline a little strange so I clicked into the article and apparently sports writer Mike Wilbon refers to the NBA All-Star Weekend as “Black Thanksgiving”. Now, Mike Wilbon is an African-American so I guess he can get away with using that term, but I don’t know, something about it just seems wrong. I understand that the NBA is a predominantly black sport and that’s perfectly fine, I wish I was decent at basketball, but sadly I’m not. I just feel like comparing NBA All-Star Weekend to a national holiday based on a tradition that’s gone back many years, is a little strange. And I don’t know that all African American people would be happy knowing that people are referring to a sporting event as their “thanksgiving”.

Maybe it’s just me, but this seems like something that should not be a featured article on the front page of a website like I’m not offended by it in the least bit, it just struck me as almost juvenile…