Jason Kipnis, Making Major Moves

jason kipnis major league baseball cleveland indians

It’s not every day that a kid from my hometown is in the spotlight, but Jason Kipnis could very well be a name you recognize when it comes to Major League Baseball in the coming years. I’ve known the Kipnis family since I started playing baseball in little league, but it wasn’t Jason that I was friends with, but rather his older sister Amanda; I don’t even think Jason was born when I first met Amanda on the baseball field. She was always the only girl out there with all the guys and she definitely held her own. When high school came around and she got involved in softball she was pretty dominant and it was clear that athleticism ran in the family. Once she left our baseball teams her brother Blair played ball with me for quite a few years and was pretty talented himself so I can only imagine how talented Jason is even though I never got to play with him. Actually, he may have played a game or two with us during summer leagues, but I can’t quite remember if it was him or the other Kipnis (Todd), but either way he’s doing big things now.

He was drafted into the Cleveland Indians organization in the 2nd round of the 2009 draft (63rd overall pick) and has been making his way through the farm system. So even though I haven’t seen or talked to him pretty much ever, my younger brother still does on occasion and I do still talk to his older brother and sister occasionally. So I just wanted to take a second and make a post congratulating him on all the success he’s had and hopefully he’ll make a name for himself in the big leagues.

If you have a second check out this article (the reason I wrote this post) which has a lot more information about his current career and where things are going. So again, Congrats to Jason and the Kipnis family… and Amanda, if you ever move back to town I could use another softball player!