Jason Kipnis Is Headed to “The Show”

jason kipnis headed to the majors

Congratulations to Jason Kipnis and the Kipnis family. Jason was called up to the Cleveland Indians yesterday after a couple years in the minors. He recently played for the USA team in the Futures Game a couple weeks ago as well as the Minor League All-Star Game. Jason lead off the futures game with a homerun and put to rest any doubts people may have had about him. I’ve written about Jason in the past so I figured I would update everyone on his status. I think he’s the only Kipnis that I never played ball with growing up. I’ve played with both of his older brothers and his older sister, but he is just out of the age range that I would have played with. Too bad though, I would have liked to see where I stacked up against a guy in the Majors. So once again, congratulations Jason and the Kipnis family and good luck, I’ll definitely be tuning in to a few Indians games here on out.