Seriously, this is really news this morning in Chicago? I guess a few players from the Chicago Blackhawks went out over the weekend (actually I have no clue when these pictures were actually taken, but they just leaked) and rented a limo to roll around the city in, but now the pictures are apparently causing quite a stir… for absolutely no reason!

The picture at the top of this article shows Patrick Kane hanging out in a limo with a few girls (which the radio made sound like strippers, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that these girls are not strippers) just having a good time on the town. There doesn’t appear to be anything illegal going on here, all of the guys are of age now, I don’t see any drugs or anything inappropriate going on in the pictures…. So a bunch of dudes took their shirts off in a limo, that’s not a crime, that’s just a bunch of guys going out and having a good time. Now I may have questioned it if it were just a bunch of a dudes in a limo with their shirts off, but it’s a group of friends, guys and girls, out for a night on the town having a good time. And look, they are even being responsible and taking a limo so nobody is drinking and driving…

The media needs to give it a rest, they are just looking for anything that could possibly be a story, this however is not a story. And what’s funny is, at the time I posted this article, the morning after President Obama gave his State of the Union address, this article about the Blackhawks players is higher on the page than anything regarding Obama’s speech, shit, an article about Leno is the featured article on the page. That should tell you right there that these media outlets have their priorities all screwed up. Of course there are certain outlets trying to spin it that these guys are role models and kids look up to them, etc., but still they aren’t doing anything illegal, so I find that argument pointless and probably hypocritical unless the people reporting this crap were the ones in high school and college that never got invited to any parties… Maybe this is their way of making up for the hatred they had towards the more popular/outgoing people from their youth, get over it.

When I first heard the story on the radio this morning on the Sherman & Tingle show on Q101, they were totally defending the pictures and saying almost the same thing I am, there’s nothing wrong with them, but the way they said other news outlets were reporting the story made me want to check out the pictures. And before I saw them I was already convinced that I wouldn’t post them up here because I didn’t want to add fuel to the flames, but after seeing the pictures in question I decided to post them for the sole sake of defending them. Seriously, look at the pictures and tell me that these are news worthy? There are only a couple things wrong I can find with these pictures, 1. these are the Chicago Blackhawks, why are they the ones that are stripped down? How come those girls aren’t in their underwear? Which leads me to the next question, how come the Chicago Blackhawks can’t get hotter chicks than this?

You can see the rest of the pictures after the jump…

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  • Steve

    These blackhawks should be embarrassed – you need to unblurr the pics – these girls are mutts – last call at the bar types – the only thing newsworthy is that these guys are looking for gutter pigs and to top it off they have their shirts off – wtf ?!?!?!!?

  • AC Slater

    Steve: I just grabbed the first images I found and the girls faces were already blurred, but you can pretty much tell that they aren’t the most attractive girls in the world. I don’t know if that speaks bad about quality of girls in Canada or the caliber of girls the Blackhawks are able to get, but I’m going to go ahead and say both.

  • Zack Morris

    I believe that all the uproar isnt so much that they are out partying but the fact that they look like a bunch of guys from a boy band and not badass hockey players

  • Brianne

    Definately not a good representation of Canadian girls!