Don’t get me wrong I’m as disappointed as anyone with the utterly terrible performance from the Chicago Bears this year, but some people need to get a life, specifically the people running Bears Fans United (, that went so far as to raise money for a billboard in the suburbs voicing their opinion of a coaching staff change. I bet these are the same people that thought Jay Cutler was the team’s saving grace when in actuality Kyle Orton didn’t do that bad last year with the Bears, and look at his performance in Denver this year… I’d say he’s had a pretty decent year. Now I’m not saying that Cutler was a bad acquisition (which most people are saying now), because he’s actually a good quarterback and has a lot of potential, but people put way to much on his shoulders to being with. I don’t think anyone thought that he would lead the league in interceptions, but that’s a different story *cough* offensive line *cough*.

So quarterback issues aside, this group of “fans” are calling for the entire Bears coaching staff to be replaced for next season. Now obviously the team is not going to base it’s decision on what these so called fans want, but I find it pretty pathetic that they are wasting their time and money to try to get the organization to wipe out the entire coaching staff. I will, however, agree with them that Ron Turner is a giant piece of retarded shit and needs to be replaced and has needed to be replaced for years now and maybe it wasn’t the best decision in the world to have Lovie calling the defensive plays, but as a head coach I don’t think he did a terrible job. Sure we’d all love to see him show some more emotion during the games and get into things a little more (he seems a little too nice for his own good), but I think a lot of the problems the team is having is because of the players.

Sure Cutler had a bad year, but he’s still a relatively young quarterback and it’s his first year with the team, give him a break. And honestly I don’t think it was really all his fault, the offensive line for the Bears is probably the worst I’ve ever seen. When you give your quarterback absolutely no time to make a play then of course he’s going to be rushed into things and end up throwing interceptions or get sacked. And with that being said that has the same bearing on Matt Forte’s less than stellar year, if he’s not getting the blocks he needs and the defenders are instantly breathing down his neck it’s going to be impossible for him to do anything. I still think he’s an amazing player, but the rest of the offense isn’t making it easy for him. And again, he’s a young player still trying to figure things out. Then there’s Devin Hester, I’m glad he’s not taking as many returns as he has in the past, that one season seemed to have gone to his head making him think he could make something out of nothing. It seemed as if he would run 2 yards on every return, then turn around and run backwards 5 yards. At least Danieal Manning and Johnny Knox have stepped up in the role of returner and actually been quite exciting to watch. And I think Johnny Knox is going to be a huge asset to this team in the future, kind of like Hester was in his rookie year. And back to Hester, he’s not a terrible receiver, it’s just new to him, I’ll still be behind him next year, I think he’s still got potential.

But enough about the players and the coaching staff, lets get back to these fans. I know every team has their die hard fans that will follow a team to the grave and every team has those fans that will love them when they are doing good and talk shit about them when they are doing bad, but some of these Bears fans are ridiculous. Chicago is known as a sports city, we do love our sports teams, but considering the reputation that Cubs fans have, it should be no surprise that this is how Bears fans are reacting, but I still find it a little ridiculous that a group of “fans” have banded together to attack the team and go so far as to put up a billboard in Arlington Heights telling the organization how they feel. And on top of that their website has claimed to have raised almost $3000 for the cost of this… Who the fuck is donating to this worthless cause? You do realize that it’s not going to sway the organization one way or the other right? Sure they want to keep the fans happy, but there’s a lot more to running a football team than just making the fans happy. What if they did replace the entire coaching staff and then next year we were just as bad, what would your billboard say then? “Our Bad”. No, you would just blame it on someone else.

So while I will agree that there needs to be some changes made to the organization, I do not agree with the collecting of money to put up a billboard disgracing the team that you claim to love. Do you not think that those guys are just as disappointed in themselves as you guys are in them? Nobody wants to have a losing season, especially when such a big move was made in the off season to supposedly help the team. Obviously nobody knew that Orton would start off as well as he did, kinda fell off recently, but still. And of course nobody expected Cutler to lead the league in interceptions, but he does. So hopefully the Bears will make some coaching staff changes and some player changes, but I don’t think that wiping out everyone and starting over is necessarily the answer, I mean Lovie did lead the team to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman…

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  • Jon B.

    I just donated $100 dollars to!! Thanks for providing me the link man!!!!!! The whole staff HAS TO GO!! How many quality QB’s are we going to destroy.. and how many #1 draft picks do we have to waste…. before we realize ANGELO is KILLING US!!

  • Valerie C.

    Oh I think that is a GREAT idea and made a donation!
    If people were more like this group and more proactive instead than just sit and whine and complain about things, the world would be better.
    Thanks !!!!

  • bubbabear

    So basically you agree with everything that Bear Fans United stand for, but still hate the idea? your an idiot, and your blog here is sending the same message as these fans… the only difference is their voices are being heard. $4500 raised in four days, and they are getting radio time, TV time, there are newspaper articles, blogs. In all these interview’s the representative’s from this group make sure to make reference The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation… pretty nice free publicity for a charity organization if you ask me! Your whining sounds like a case of little man syndrome.

  • AC Slater

    I agree that there need to be changes, but I do not agree that the entire coaching staff should be canned and rebuilt from the ground up, there are a lot more factors that made the team bad this year other than the coaching staff, and I certainly don’t agree with the billboard idea. I don’t know anything else about Bears Fans United (other than what I read recently regarding the billboard stuff), so if there are other aspects of the group that donate to charity and help out in other ways, good for them, but the fact that they are raising money for a billboard to publicly bash the organization seems childish to me.

  • murderz

    Grass always looks greener on someone elses lawn. I dont presume to tell NASA how to run their space program just because i watch the shuttle launches on TV and read about them online.

    Posting a billboard, forming an organization to publicly bash the team is retarded. Not only is it going to embarrass Chicago, it is going to rock the boat in an unnecessary way. While i agree that the boat does need to be rocked…this seems like the way a 3rd grader would rock the boat….dumb ass fans, worry about your own life/make money for your family instead of making money to buy a billboard…


  • murderz

    btw i love the blog! keep up the good work

  • bubbabear

    There is no bashing going on in the advertisements. Just some fans saying they want change! Sound familiar? Yes it all seems childish, because that’s exactly what it is.. grown men playing a game. However I’m sure you would never admit your a child yourself for getting caught up in it all. No one is presuming to know better than anyone else. I think Lovie is a class act! But if NASA was crashing shuttles every weekend I wouldn’t have to be some f-ing scientist to figure out the whole system was a mess

  • bubbabear

    good luck with your silent protest. That will get the boating rocking!

  • AC Slater

    Wait, there’s a silent protest going on? I hadn’t heard…

    Either way, I appreciate the comments man. The blog is obviously just a place for me to voice my opinion and honestly I didn’t anticipate anyone even finding this post (which is why I didn’t make the URL a link in the post), but now it ranks higher on the SERPS than the actual Bears Fans United website itself and is listed on their media page (for some reason) so I welcome everyone elses opinions whether it’s regarding the billboard protest itself or just the team and what they can do to improve for next season.

    I still kind of disagree with you on the “There is no bashing going on in the advertisements”. I know it’s not blatant “bashing”, but I still view it as disrespectful and embarrassing to the organization as a whole.

    Oh and as far as me not admitting I may be childish for getting involved in the whole mess, have you read this blog? It’s mainly about video games and movies, haha… I’m trying to hold onto my childhood as long as possible.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  • I miss Sweetness

    Your blog doesn’t make sense and you are a moron ! These Bears fans
    are putting their money where their mouth is. That’s more than I can say about those flippin whinners that just complain and do nothing. Its time for a change. Chicago is a great city with a long history of NFL football and winners. We (THE FANS) pay for the team, the salary’s with our hard earned $$ by going to games, buying Bears products etc. The movement is a direct voice of the fans that want a winning team, it’s telling the owners (the McCaskeys) that we want our money better spent with smarter choices in management. We want a winner or we will not continue to support this ownership with our dollars. Simple as that ! Do you get it now; you idiot ?

  • AC Slater

    So based on your logic, that we (THE FANS) pay for the team and the salary’s [sic] by attending games, buying Bears memorabilia, etc that it gives us the right to publicly ridicule the organization by raising money for a pointless billboard? I don’t know if you misunderstood the post or what, but I’m not saying that I don’t agree that there should be changes (although not to the extent of wiping out the entire coaching staff), but a billboard is a stupid and pointless way to get the organization to recognize your frustration. Sure the idea is getting all sorts of media coverage and no doubt the organization has seen the coverage, but you’re still buying tickets to the games and still buying Bears merchandise, which is still padding their wallets.

    A better way to vent your frustration would be to start a boycott of Bears merchandise and stop going to games. The billboard isn’t going to put a dent in the organizations wallet, if anything it’s just giving them more publicity (good or bad, it’s still publicity). Do you not think everyone involved is just as frustrated with the terrible season…

    And as much as you’re trying to help get the organization to make changes, you’re still going to be the minority. It’s just like the Cubs organization, even when they aren’t good, people will still fill the seats and eat up merchandise (especially since there’s no other football team in town). So until that changes all these fan protests are going to fall on deaf ears.

    So again, I don’t disagree with the fact that there need to be changes in the organization, that’s clearly the truth, I just disagree with the method being used to draw attention to that. Granted I will give you guys credit, it is getting more attention than I thought it would, but again, it’s not going to change the amount of money coming in each year, so just your voice isn’t going to be enough. Despite it being a game it is still a business and the only way to get a business to listen (as much as it sucks) is with money.

    And you say you want a winner or you will not continue to support the ownership, but we’ve only made it to the playoffs 6 times in the past 20 years and people still continue to support the team… so where were all these protests in years past? We went to the Super Bowl 3 years ago, but pretty much all of the 90’s, except for a few playoff appearances, were pretty quiet.