Driving in to work this morning my normal radio station was on commercial (Q101) so I was flipping through stations and happened upon Drex in the morning on 103.5 in Chicago. I’ve written about this radio show before and how much I can’t stand them, but I happen to flip through right as Drex was reading off a list of the worst sports fans in the country. This list spanned all sports and all classes not just professional. I only caught the top 5 of the list so when they were about to announce number 1 I immediately thought that it was going to be the Cubs even without hearing 5-10, and I was right. The Cub fans were voted worst sports fans in the country. And Drex couldn’t believe that, but I don’t know why.

Drex kept yelling “no comprende” because he’s clearly an idiot and can’t understand that 80% of the people at the Cubs games are not there for the game, therefore they aren’t true fans. And if you’re reading this right now I bet you’re thinking “well this idiot must be a white sox fan” (as in me), but no… I’ve been a Cubs fan forever, I’ve been a fan of baseball in general forever. I’m not one of those guys that will sit here and bash the White Sox just because I happen to be a fan of the Cubs, I’ll root for both Chicago baseball teams because I’m a fan of the sport in general. Of course I have to root for the Cubs when they play the Sox, but that’s understandable.

So back to the argument that Cubs fans are the worst in the country. I will disagree on that statement if you’re talking about the 20% of true Cubs fans that love the game, love the team and bleed Cubby blue, but that’s only 20% of the people at the games. The other 80% of the people there got hammered at a bar across the street before the game, happen to have a ticket so they went in to the park to continue the party and have no idea what inning the game is in or what the score is. They become rude to other people at the game, spill beer, yell, and become the reason why the Cub fans were probably voted worst fans. And a lot of times it’s these same idiots that yell about how this is our year and we’re gonna win this year, or “there’s always next year”. Give it up already, if it happens it happens, the superstitions and curses are all stupid, it’s all about how the team plays in a given year.

Drex also touched on upon the fact that maybe it’s because the people at the games are smug, but then he goes on to say that he’s never encountered smugness at a game. Well guess what… that’s because you’re the smug one! Majority of the Wrigleyville/Lincoln Park area is filled with these yuppy morons that make up that 80% of Cub fans. So if you’re in that 20% that are actually fans of the game and there to watch the game then good for you. Obviously you can talk to friends and drink and have a good time, but if you don’t even know what inning the game is in or what the score is you are in that other 80% that are the reason we were voted to have the worst fans in the country. And honestly I don’t even know where the list came from that Drex was reading, but true Cubs fans will probably agree that it’s no surprise that the rest of the country thinks we have terrible fans. I mean seriously, who throws a full beer on an opposing player in the outfield… only a “Cubs fan”.

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  • Chris

    Actually, He did state that cubs fans go the games even when they are losing because its a beautiful field and because its a great place for baseball fans who love chicago. He was yelling “no comprende” because he didn’t agree with the list either.
    You must be one of those people that loves to hear themselves talk

  • Me

    I know why he was yelling no comprende, obviously he doesn’t understand why we were voted the worst fans in sports. And what I was trying to get across was the fact that based on what I’ve experienced at Cubs games, they can be the worst fans I’ve ever seen at a sporting event, but that being said not all of them/us (as I’m a Cubs fan as well) are bad, but it’s those bad ones that give us a bad name. Like the guy that threw the beer on the outfielder and those fans that turn on players when they have one bad game…

    I must have gotten out of the car when he was talking about the beautiful park, etc, which it is an amazing ballpark, but most “fans” from Chicago just see it as a place to party and not as a place to go watch an American Pastime, which is basically what I was trying to get across.

    Thanks for the comment though, always nice to hear other peoples opinions.

  • Karen

    I am definitely part of the 80% – I call it “the Chicago way”: most Chicagoans become diehard fans when a team is doing well (Bulls) and pretend not to know the team exists when they do poorly (Bulls). Cubs definitely fall into that category but ‘fans’ still show up to the game b/c there are bars within stumbling distance of the friendly confines. They would go to Bulls games too but there aren’t any bars close by. (I will say though, that my grandfather was part of the 20% and I still have his season tickets so maybe one day I’ll be part of the 20%)
    However, this is not the reason I’m writing. The reason I’m writing is that I’m wondering who was #2 on the list? Because if it wasn’t Boston Red Sox fans – I’ll be shocked. I lived there for a year and those fans are obsessed…with New York. The Red Sox could be playing a team of fifth graders from China and the fans would still yell out “YANKEES SUCK!” Red Sox fans don’t care who is playing, they just want you to know how much they hate the Yankees. It was funny for the first month I lived there but ten months in? Not so much.
    Cubs fans may not know the score but at least they won’t shout at teams that aren’t even there.

  • The biggest problem with the Cubs fan base is that it is so big. Anytime you have a large fan base you get a lot of casual fans. Add to it the always party atmosphere of Wrigley and problems happen. Now there are plenty of fans like Tom that know their baseball. But there are also tons more Cubs fans than Sox fans who don’t even know who played in the World Series last year. They go to Wrigley to party before and after in Wrigleyville and during the game. I was stunned this summer when I was in the bleachers and saw how few people out there were even paying attention to the game. You just don’t see that as much at other parks.

    Even a diehard Sox fan as myself probably wouldn’t call Cubs fans the worst though.

    @Karen you can’t blame fans for being on the bandwagon when the team is winning. That has and will always happen.